Advice on Finding the Perfect Perfume For Women

Perfume For Women

Men and women alike use fragrances like perfume and cologne to enhance their appearance. They might help you feel better overall, bring back good times, or perhaps simply leave you smelling nice. The industry for scented cosmetics is currently worth billions of dollars. There has been a rise in the range of fragrances and scents … Read more

What Are Waist Beads & How to Tie Them?

Waist Beads

Ileke, jigida, giri-giri, whatever you know them as waist beads, have held an effective place in African tradition since time immemorial. These beads strung on fine fishing lines or carefully threaded ropes have adorned the waists of countless African women. Whether hidden under clothes, peeking out at intervals, or carefully arranged to show over clothes, … Read more