Diet and dementia: what do we know?

Diet and dementia

While there is yet to close the gap regarding diet and dementia, research has found more evidence to support that specific diets or food intake do trigger dementia. In conclusion, the relationship between diet and dementia is increasingly recognized as a crucial factor influencing brain health and cognitive function. Scientific evidence suggests that a well-balanced … Read more

The Ultimate Hookah Experience: Exploring the Best Tobacco Blends

Hookah Experience

If you’re a hookah enthusiast, you know that the experience of smoking hookah is about more than just the smoke – it’s also about the flavors. With so many shisha blends available, deciding which ones to try can be overwhelming. You can easily buy them from authentic websites like This blog post will explore … Read more

How To Make Garam Masala Powder at Home

Garam Masala Powder

In many traditional Indian dishes, garam masala, a flavorful and fragrant combination of freshly ground spices, is utilized. In Hindi, “garam” and “masala” refer to a mixture or blend of spices. Garam masala is a general name for a flavourful spice mixture.  These spices provide powerful, smoky, spicy, and aromatic tastes fundamental to authentic Indian … Read more

Purple Rice: What You Need to Know?

Purple Rice

Flawlessly shaded and loaded with nutrients, purple rice is ancient treasure rice with origins in Asia. When crude, the grains appear inky black in color. it cooks, and the grains turn a deep purple. Otherwise called dark rice, prohibited rice, and ruler’s rice, rumors from far and wide suggest that purple rice was originally reserved … Read more