5 Benefits of Drug Addiction Rehab Centers 

Addiction Rehab

Most often, we overlook drug addiction as a mental health condition. It disrupts your brain and behaviour and damages your social relationships. Drug addiction is when your dependency on drugs is uncontrollable, and you spend a significant amount of time and money acquiring them. Mostly, anxiety, depression, and personality disorders are interlinked with drug addiction. … Read more

Dr. Barbara Murphy; Kidney Transplant Expert, Dies at 56

Dr. Barbara Murphy; Kidney Transplant Expert Dies at 56

Her research focused on immunology and how to predict and diagnose transplant outcomes. “She was a great researcher and mentor to many people,” a colleague said. Doctor, a nephrologist who specialized in predicting and diagnosing kidney transplant outcomes, died on Wednesday at Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, where she had worked since 1997. She was … Read more

As Virus Data Mounts, the J.&J. Vaccine Holds Its Own

As Virus Data Mounts, the J.&J. Vaccine Holds Its Own

Once dismissed as less effective, the vaccine now seems to be preventing infections and illness about as well as the two mRNA options. Approximately 17 million Americans received the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine, only to discover later that it was the least protective available in the country. According to new data, the vaccine now … Read more

The Benefits of Getting an Online Degree as a Homeowner

new roof

An online degree can offer a unique opportunity for homeowners looking to further their education. With the ability to complete coursework from the comfort of home, online degrees provide convenience and flexibility for busy homeowners. Beyond this, there are also financial and personal benefits to getting an online degree that make it an attractive option. … Read more

The Benefits of Using Veterinary Pharmaceuticals in Animal Care

Veterinary Pharmaceuticals

Using the right pharmaceuticals when treating animals can have many benefits, both for the animal and the animal carer. Veterinary pharmaceuticals are specifically designed to meet the needs of animals, making them the ideal choice for animal care. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of using pharmaceuticals in animal care. Why choose veterinary pharmaceuticals … Read more

Ebola Survivor Infected Years Ago May Have Started New Outbreak

Ebola Survivor Infected Years Ago May Have Started New Outbreak

A genetic analysis of virus samples from Guinean patients suggests that the new outbreak is a continuation of the 2014-16 outbreak. According to scientists, the Ebola outbreak now affecting Guinea was almost certainly started by someone who survived West Africa’s historic 2014-16 epidemic, harbored the virus for at least five years, and then transmitted it … Read more

When Is It Time to Look for Professional Care?

Professional Care

The idea of putting your elderly loved ones into the hands of professional care is a sensitive topic. Many people don’t want to go themselves, and it’s understandable that someone in your position might want to take care of them for as long as you can without resorting to that. However, there will, unfortunately, be … Read more