What is Buccal Fat & Buccal Fat Removal Surgery?

What is Buccal Fat & Buccal Fat Removal Surgery? Do you want to enhance your facial appearance, as well as other signs of aging?

  • Do you want to have a contoured or thin cheek, especially in the areas of cheek hollows?
  • Are you seeing your face feels too full or even chubby and it makes you look older than your actual age?
  • Are you finding that your cheeks are not in a balanced size and the buccal fat pad in each cheek may be in different sizes?

Yes, if the aforementioned points concern you, now is the time to learn about buccal fat removal or cheek reduction.

What is Buccal Fat & Buccal Fat Removal Surgery?

The buccal fat is located in the cheek. The Bite line and right after the bite line in your cheek is the Bucks innate or muscle. This is one of the muscles that help you chew your food, move your mouth, speak, etcetera. We remove the buccal fat and it really changes the shape of the face a lot. So, that’s why people do it.

There are certain patients that just have an overly large buccal fat pad. This contributes to their face appearing round and lacking definition. This prevents them from having a nice hollow, or a nice face contour. So patients who have a large buccal fat pad would help by having it removed because it gives their face more contour.

A buccal fat removal surgery or buccal lipectomy extracts the buccal fat pad from cheek hollow areas and helps a lot in defining the aesthetic facial profile.

Cheek removal surgery or buccal fat extraction is generally not performed in people with thin and narrow faces as results may leave you looking gaunt, worn, or older than your actual age.

Things to Know about Buccal Fat Removal

Surgery is the only way to remove the Buccal fat pad

Buccal fat removal, which is also known as buccal lipectomy, is the only permanent way to extract fat from cheek hollow areas and give you an aesthetic facial profile. There is no way to precisely target fat in your face without surgery; however, it is advised to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly to avoid cheek fat depositions.

But, with the advanced form of cheek lipectomy, the buccal fat pads are removed easily without any external incisions on the face. This gives you the best results with very brief downtime and no recovery. Since the incision is created inside the mouth, it is gently pulled out.

Buccal fat removal and facelift surgery can be accomplished at the same time

Yes, buccal fat removal can be done at the same time as a facelift utilizing the same incisions. In this manner, you’ll get a dual benefit of facelift surgery along with a slim cheek, as well as a reduction in facial aging signs at the same time.

This surgery has a remarkably high satisfaction rate without any discomforts or hassle if performed by a trained board-certified plastic surgeon.

The results are more accentuated with a slimmer cheek making you feel naturally contoured

And, this is the beauty of cheek reduction surgery in that cheeks slowly contour to their new appearance. The cheeks look slightly chubby in post-op results. Initially, the results may be hidden due to post-op swelling that takes several months for you to see the final results.

But, every patient has a separate timeline to experience the final result since it is a highly customized procedure. Consult your plastic surgeon to learn more about surgery for your problem state as well as your anatomical and physiological profile.

It improves facial features by improving the V-line facial shape

Removing/excising buccal fat has a key role in representing your facial profile as it improves V-line facial shape, which is considered a photogenic facial shape. Buccal fat removal surgery is mostly desired by actresses and models, or those who are in the entertainment industry. Now, every woman is concerned about her beauty and features, so it is done for everyone in order to improve their photogenic facial profile.

Cheek reduction surgery removes excess fat from the lower cheek as the fat deposition in the lower cheek detracts from the V-line of facial shape by creating the mid-face wider. However, buccal fat removal plays an important role in improving the photogenic facial profile.

The recovery time usually takes 1-2 weeks

The recovery time of buccal fat removal surgery usually takes one to two weeks which may vary from patient to patient. During the recovery period, your plastic surgeon will provide you with special instructions.

You’re advised to sleep in an elevated position post-op and to rinse your mouth until complete healing is achieved. You’ll be capable to see preliminary results within a week or two, but the final result will take anywhere from 2-4 months that may again vary from one patient to another.

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