What are 10 ways on how do you avoid drug addiction?

Substance abuse is all too common. Studies show that at least 10% of all US adults have experienced substance abuse at some point in their lives, while 75% admit to never being treated. These numbers alone show how big the drug abuse problem is. For many people, drug addiction is preventable. If you’re worried that addiction will become a problem for you, this list of 10 ways to avoid drug addiction might help.

1. Understand how addiction develops

Education is often one of the most powerful countermeasures against addiction. Many people start using drugs believing that there is no way they can become addicted. You might think that only a handful of people are prone to substance abuse problems. At laguna beach rehab people can get out from all the addictions easily.

Depending on age, 27-70% of people who try illegal drugs become addicted.  While not all drugs affect the brain in the same way, they all cause some kind of change in the neurons. Drugs can act as neurotransmitters, affecting how neurons send, receive and process various signals.

2. Know your risk factors

The risk factors for drug addiction are different for everyone. Knowing your risk factors can help you make decisions about the substances you put in your body. With laguna beach rehab people can come out from the issues and then have a long life. 

Genetic risk factors

If you have close family members struggling with addiction, there’s a good chance you have genetic risk factors. Scientists have done a lot of research on the role of genetics in drug addiction, but currently, they estimate that genetics accounts for 40% to 60% of a person’s addiction risk.

Environmental risk factors

Another person’s addiction consists of environmental factors. People who grew up with drugs at home are more likely to abuse the drugs themselves. Peer groups also play an important role.

3. Distance or peer pressure

Peer pressure can often lead people to try drugs and continue using them. Many people start using drugs in their peer group. They plan to only use drugs for recreational or social purposes. Over time, they consume more and more until they become addicted.

4. Live a balanced life

Living a balanced life is important for many reasons, but one of the most important is that it makes you less likely to become addicted to drugs. By reducing sweets and junk food, eating more fruits and vegetables, and drinking more water, you can keep your body healthy. 

5. Know the signs

There are many warning signs that you are becoming a drug addict. The longer you are addicted, the harder it will be to recover from it. If you can spot the early warning signs, you will know when you are in danger. The biggest sign is that you will need the medicine more often. Also, you’ll have a hard time resisting when it’s around.

6. Learn to deal with it

life is getting harder Everyone has things that are hard to deal with. You may be going through difficult times when everyone seems to have something in common. In these situations, people often turn to drugs, but there are healthier ways to deal with your problem.

7. Develop strong, healthy relationships

One of the most important keys to staying drug-free is building healthy relationships with the right people. These people could be your family, friends or loved ones. It doesn’t matter who it is, try to have people in your life who support you in a healthy way.

8. Take all prescriptions according to the doctor’s instructions

Few prescription drugs can be as addictive as illegal drugs. Prescription drug abuse kills more people than heroin, meth, cocaine, and amphetamines combined. If you know you are already addicted, you should be extra careful, especially if it is an opioid or another highly addictive prescription drug.

9. Know what triggers you

Every trigger is different. Some people are triggered when they are around other people who are using drugs. Others are triggered after a bad day at work or school. Some need a way to cope with difficult encounters with loved ones or when having bouts of depression.

10. Get help from a professional

Whether you have never used drugs but are concerned about addiction, or have taken drugs a few times and are worried that you may become addicted, it is always advisable to seek help from a professional.

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