How to Cleanse Crystals? Most Appropriate Ways

How to cleanse crystals? Are you new to Crystals? Looking for some motivation for how to make the most of them? So we thought we’d share our tips on how to use crystals and the best ways to cleanse your crystals.

How to choose a crystal

There are a few ways you can choose a crystal, whether it’s your first crystal to add to your collection.

  • Choose a crystal that you feel drawn to. This is one of our favorite methods because it all comes down to your own intuition!
    Whether you’re in the room with crystals or exploring online, pick one that catches your eye. It might have a message or goal for you that you don’t even know you need yet!
  • Choose a crystal based on what you are stumbling with. It might be physical or on a more vibrant level.
    For example, rose quartz is a good stone if you are experiencing a time of upheaval or intense stress. Amethyst is thought to aid with headaches and hypertension.
  • Select a crystal based on what you want more of. For instance, if you want more money, choose a crystal that is about abundance and finances. If it’s love you seek, select a stone that attracts love.

How to use your crystals

Now that you have a crystal, or two, or 20 (we don’t judge) – how do you really use them?

A lot of this comes down to individual preference. Like any spiritual or energetic practice, crystals are best used in a manner that feels supportive and healing for you. But to get you started, let’s look at some ways that you can utilize your crystals.

  • Hold them when you require a little bit of support or reassurance
  • Utilize them as part of your meditation and/or yoga practice
  • Pop one in your bra for all-day support (just make sure to take it out before throwing it in the wash!)
  • Hold it in your wallet or purse – a good option for abundance crystals!
  • Take a bath with them – you can put them in the water (check whether your crystal of option is waterproof first), or simply put them on the edge of the bath along with a candle or two
  • Decorate your space with them – have a couple on your desk, a pile in a favorite dish with your rings, or even use a large crystal or tower as a centerpiece on the mantel!
  • Pop a calming crystal or two into the middle of your pillowcase
  • Use them as an energy cleanser – this might be your own energy or the energy of tools such as your oracle cards. They are a convenient alternative if you can’t light up a smudge stick all the time!
  • Nestle them up with your plants – just ensure that you don’t accidentally water them if they aren’t water-safe crystals!

How to cleanse your crystals

Just like uses, there are a few methods to cleanse your crystals. Remember that if your crystals aren’t a kind that can be used in water, use one of the other cleansing methods!

  • Put them out or on a windowsill on a full moon to recharge.
  • Utilize the rain as a way to cleanse them with water, or soak them in a bowl of saltwater.
  • Smudge them with a sage bar or some palo santo. If you don’t have any handy, use a candle for a fast cleanse by fire!
  • Bury them underground for 24 hours. This allows the earth to absorb any unwanted power and refresh the crystals.
  • Use a cleansing crystal. For instance, you can lay your crystals on a selenite tower, and the selenite can clear the energy of the other crystals.

When should you cleanse your crystals?

There are a few times that it is suggested to cleanse your crystals.

When you first buy your crystals and bring them home, it’s a good idea to cleanse them of any energies they might have picked up. You might also want to cleanse them if you’re experiencing intense or difficult times and are in need of as much positive energy.

Ideally, you want to cleanse them on a regular basis – once a month is a helpful guide to start with. They’re always ready to help when you need their gentle support.

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