Parler says it is now accessible for existing users and will accept new signups starting next week, announces Tea Party activist Mark Meckler as interim CEO

Parler says it’s now accessible for present customers and can settle for new signups beginning subsequent week, declares Tea Occasion activist Mark Meckler as interim CEO — An Amazon suspension shut it down in January — The choice social community Parler has reopened after a month offline.

As a result of a month of downtime, Parler has returned to service

It was shut down in January due to a suspension by Amazon

Parler, the alternative social network, has reopened after being offline for more than a month. As announced in a press release released by the company, the site is now accessible for users with existing accounts and will also be accepting new registrations from next week onwards. In addition, the company has announced a new interim CEO, Mark Meckler, who previously founded a right-wing group called Tea Party Patriots, which was founded by Mark Meckler. After Apple, Google, and Amazon suspended service following the January attacks on the US Capitol, citing the platforms’ vulnerability to violent threats, the company has now relaunched service.

The old Parler user accounts have been restored, but it appears that the old “parleys” have not been migrated over, since the site’s term for posts is ‘parley’. It has already been reported that a number of high-profile users, including Fox News host Sean Hannity, have begun to post on the new site. There are no timelines associated with other major accounts, such as Tucker Carlson, another host of the show, or Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), another major host. Before the site was taken down, a team of independent researchers scraped the posts and archived many of them before the site was taken down.

Although the site describes itself as politically unaffiliated, it has become popular among conservative users who are either banned from big sites or disagree with their fact-checking and moderation policies, which are enforced by larger platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Immediately after the election, it became the hub of a pro-Trump “Stop the Steal” campaign, which culminated in a deadly attempt on January 6th, which was aimed at overturning the US election. In the wake of Amazon Web Services suspending the account of its old host, the site went offline on January 10th.

Earlier this month, Parler transferred the domain registration of its site to Epik, a company known for allowing far-right-friendly sites to publish their content on the platform without being deplatformed in any way. The platform has now relaunched with what a press release describes as “robust, sustainable, independent technology.”

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